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Cover art by Evan Melnyk

To see the results of our first annual Best of MTL readers poll, along with a critique of your food choices in Bartek Komorowski’s Culinary Dictum column, some key festival coverage and a look at what’s on screen in June, pick up a copy of our newspaper at the following locations. More tk.


Côte des Neiges

Java U (Queen Mary)

Les Tontons Fligneurs

Oliveri Librairie Bistro

McCarold’s Pub



Downtown core (Atwater to St-Denis, René-Lévesque to Milton)

The Bull


Lasalle College

Cock n Bull

Café Ciné Express


Super Marché Noor

Café Depot (Mackay/de Maisonneuve)

Noodles Express

Copies Concordia




McKibbins Irish Pub (Bishop)

Irish Embassy

Comedy Works



Mad Hatter’s

YMCA (Stanley)

La Clafouti (Drummond)

Second Cup (Ste-Catherine/Peel)

McLean’s Pub

Peel Pub






Paragraphe/Van Houtte (McGill College/President Kennedy)

Lola Rosa (Milton)

The Word

Second Cup (Milton/Parc)

Presse Cafe (Milton/Parc)

La Cité

Pita Pit (Parc/Prince-Arthur)

Cinéma du Parc

Montreal Pool Room


Café Cleopatra

Pub Ste-Elisabeth

Empire Skate Shop

Théâtre Ste-Catherine

Foufounes Electriques




Café Atomic


Mile End

Casa del Popolo

La Sala Rossa

Kilo Café

Citizen Vintage



Jardin du Cari

Royal Phoenix

Drawn & Quarterly



Café Matina

Nouveau Palais

La Lumière du Mile End

S.W. Welch

Dépanneur Café

Panthère Verte


Club Social

Café Local

Comptoir 21

Pizza St-Viateur

Café Ciociaro

Café Sardine

Cabaret du Mile End

Copies 2000

PA (Parc)

Ta Chido

Café EM

Snack N’ Blues

Arts Café

Caffè in Gamba


Variété Delphi

Dépanneur PMS

Kilo Café


Mile Ex/Little Italy/Villeray

Dépanneur le Pick-up

Notre Dame des Quilles

Il Motore

Café l’Artère


Caffe Italia

Queen of the World

Poutineville (Beaubien)



Shäika Café

Saving Grace Tattoo


Double Pizza

Dad’s Bagels



Oxford Café

Second Cup (near Loyola on Sherbrooke)

Kokkino Café

Co-op la Maison Verte

Head and Hands


La Grange Gourmand

Second Cup (Monkland)

Starbucks (Monkland)

Ye Olde Orchard (Monkland)




McKibbins (St-Laurent)

Euro Deli

Café Depot (St-Laurent/Prince-Arthur)

Juliette et Chocolat

Ye Olde Orchard (St-Laurent/Prince-Arthur)

Café Campus

Buns Burgers (St-Laurent)

Bocadillo (St-Laurent)


Coupe Bizzarre

Pharmaprix (St-Laurent/St-Cuthbert)

Green Light Gallery


Pizza Giovan



Hallway between Point Vert & Laika

Imago Tattoo


Mainline Theatre

Café Pi

Divan Orange

Café Neve

Café Plume

Boite Noire

Bily Kun

Plan B

Café Noir (Mont-Royal/Rivard)


Jean Coutu (Mont-Royal/Berri)


Caffe Art Java

Second Cup (Mont-Royal/St-André)

Café Expressions

St-Viateur Bagel Café (Mont-Royal)

La Tulipe


St-Henri/Little Burgundy

Bar de Courcelle

Saint Henri




Caffe Mariani

Dilallo Burger

Lili & Oli

Java U (Notre Dame)

Starbucks (Notre Dame)

Burgundy Lion

Corona Theatre

BBAM! Gallery

Atwater Market



Dunkin Donuts

Memé Tartine

Maison de Thé Cha Noir

Garage Café

Blackstrap BBQ



Maison de la Presse Internationale (Ste-Catherine/Berri)


Comptoir 21

Le National

High Times

Dépanneur du Village

Starbucks (Ste-Catherine/Beaudry)

Second Cup (Ste-Catherine/Panet)

Club Sandwich

Sky Pub


Bar le Stud

Café Depot (Ste-Catherine/Papineau)

Mohawk Barbier

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