Who’s worse: Rob Ford or Pauline Marois?

The contenders

So who would you prefer calling the shots: the crack-smoking, alcoholic mayor, or the divisive premier trying to push through an odious charter targeting religious minorities?

Yesterday, a pair of Montreal celebs weighed in on who they like more — or dislike less, to put it more accurately — in the horrible boss battle that is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford vs. Quebec Premier Pauline Marois. On his Facebook page, comedian Sugar Sammy posted a picture of the two leaders, asking “Who would you choose as your leader, Marois or Rob Ford?”

His response? “I actually trust the crackhead more.”

Joe Beef’s Dave McMillan later echoed that sentiment on Twitter, saying, “I’ll take Rob Ford over Pauline Marois any day…”

Both messages have since been taken down, but in the words of Patrick Stewart, “It’s too late; we’ve seen everything.”

Naturally, the posts courted controversy, but there were also quite a few words of support in response to what both Montreal luminaries had said.

Kudos to both gentlemen for speaking their minds, even if they were simply being flippant. If Julie Snyder and the Janettes can have their soapbox and straw men/women, then those of us who are pissed off with the current political climate deserve a couple of celebs to have our backs, too. Solidarity, brothers.

The real point is less about making a direct comparison between both leaders, and more about frustrated Montrealers looking at the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Toronto will easily outlast its buffoon of a mayor; a values charter, or any type of policy that treats certain Quebecers as second-class citizens, will cause irreparable harm to the province and its largest city.

Who would I rather have in charge? Neither, obviously, but I can’t help but think Torontonians have it easier these days.

And if our Ontarian friends are open to a trade, we’ll add slumping Hab David Desharnais, just to sweeten the pot. ■

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