Best of MTL 2015: People & Places

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Habs comic art by Wade Alexander

Habs love has been heavy this year, and though the team’s fate in round two of the playoffs was unknown at press time, appreciation for the team’s top two stars is unlikely to waver no matter what. And so we have goalie Carey Price as Hottest Man and P.K. Subban as Best Sports Personality (just ahead of Price) AND Best-dressed Montrealer, the latter in light of those sharp retro-ish suits that even that bellowing old fart Don Cherry has conceded props to. The return of the Best Weirdo category yielded predictable results, but it’s nice to see musicians and scenesters in the mix along with street people and drag queens. You may notice more francophone names than usual, a trend you’ll see in many of the survey sections, a reflection of our growing bilingual/franco readership. But it seems everyone agrees on PKP being the city’s Slimiest Politician — he landed that dubious distinction by a landslide.

Hottest Man
1 Carey Price
2 Xavier Dolan
3 Sugar Sammy
4 Justin Trudeau
5 Jay Baruchel
6 P.K. Subban
7 Chuck Hughes
8 Leonard Cohen
9 Claude Legault
10 Tristan Ginger

Hottest Woman
1 Jessica Paré
2 Eugenie Bouchard
3 Maripier Morin
4 Magalie Lépine-Blondeau
5 Sophie Desmarais
6 Mitsou
7 Karine Vanasse
8 Tranna Wintour
9 Julie Paquet
10 Lori Graham

Best-dressed Montrealer
1 P.K. Subban
2 Leonard Cohen
3 Marc Bergevin
4 Xavier Dolan
5 Tranna Wintour
6 Justin Trudeau
7 Darren Henwood
8 Alex Despatie
9 Michael J McCarthy
10 Maripier Morin

Best Sports Personality
1 P.K. Subban
2 Carey Price
3 Eugenie Bouchard
4 Georges St-Pierre
5 Max Pacioretty

Tackiest Personality
1 Mose Persico
2 Mado
3 Pierre Karl Péladeau
4 Pauline Marois
5 Denis Coderre
6 Justin Trudeau
7 Éric Salvail
8 Véronique Cloutier
9 Tony Marinaro
10 Celine Dion

Best Weirdo
1 Hollywood (aka Banana guy)
2 Mado
3 Jean Leloup
4 Jimi Hendrix guy (aka Milford Kemp)
5 Beaver Sheppard
6 AE Bridger (aka Alex Bridger)
7 Socalled
8 Jay Baruchel
9 Jonathan Himsworth
10 Maysr

Best Political/Social Cause
1 Anti-austerity
2 Animal welfare/SPCA
3 Dans la Rue/fighting homelessness
4 Student movement/strike
5 Environment/climate change
6 Idle No More
7 Anti-Bill C-51
8 Head and Hands
9 Québec Solidaire
10 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Best Politician
1 Denis Coderre
2 Justin Trudeau
3 Thomas Mulcair
4 Craig Sauvé
5 Françoise David
6 Manon Massé
7 Amir Khadir
8 Luc Ferrandez
9 Philippe Couillard
10 Sterling Downey

Slimiest Politician
1 Pierre Karl Péladeau
2 Pauline Marois
3 Philippe Couillard
4 Gaétan Barrette
5 Yves Bolduc
6 Denis Coderre
7 Justin Trudeau
8 Luc Ferrandez
9 Jean Charest
10 Gérald Tremblay

Most Heinous Scandal
1 Super hospital/CHUM/CUSM/Arthur Porter
2 Charbonneau Commission
3 Values charter
4 Joël Legendre
5 Police brutality
6 Pierre Karl Péladeau
7 Quebec Liberal party
8 SNC Lavalin
9 UQAM protests
10 Police/firemen occupying City Hall

Best Neighbourhood
1 Mile End
2 Plateau
4 St-Henri
5 Verdun
6 Villeray
7 Rosemont
8 Little Italy
9 Parc Extension
10 Mile Ex

Best Place to Spot Celebrities
1 Old Port
2 Buona Notte
3 St-Laurent Blvd.
4 Crescent Street
5 Park Restaurant
6 Olimpico
7 Laurier Avenue

Best Place to Have Public Sex
1 Mount Royal/Mount Royal Park/Beaver Lake
2 Parc Lafontaine
3 Lachine Canal
4 Concordia University (Concordia libraries)
5 Public washrooms (Cours Mont-Royal, Datcha, Drinkerie, Arby’s, the Wiggle Room)
6 Metro stations (Place des Arts, Peel, Papineau, de la Concorde)
7 Alleys (off Mackay, Parc, St-Laurent Blvd.)
8 McGill (McLennan Library stacks, religious studies building balcony)
9 Parc Jean-Drapeau
10 Cinéma l’Amour


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