The Ultimate Guide to a Night Out in Montreal

Montreal is a large city with plenty to do. Make the most of your time there with some fun ideas. Whether you’re alone or with a group, all of the places provide a great time for everyone involved. Being able to head out for a fun filled night shouldn’t be hard to do.

Whether you’re a tourist in the area or if you live somewhat close, there is always something being offered right in the heart of Montreal. Find something you love.


Midnight Stroll Up Mount Royal
Once of the most majestic places to spend some time with your sweetheart, you can expect to see the beautiful moon out and over the hills above. Make sure to pack some wine and go when the weather is a bit warmer. it can be well worth the trek up the mountainside when you look over and see the city aglow.

Of course, this is also a great date night idea for when you’d like to get a little romantic.

Nouveaus Palais For a Bite to Eat
While the list is of things you can do, if you’re hungry you’re going to want to know where you can go to grab a late night bite to eat. This little bistro is open and providing some of the most delicious food options. They have a wide array of alcoholic beverages during this time, but the food is one of the best places to get something that hits the spot. Cheeseburgers, cheese fries, you name it.

Dollar Cinema
The name is a bit deceiving since the movie does cost more than a dollar, but it is still cheap. You can watch a midnight screening of something great and have an exciting time. No one has to stay in late at night when they can get snacks and midnight movies.

The theater is somewhat empty during this time too, so you can make the most of your time in a mostly empty, quiet theater. Almost like it was meant for you.


Casino de Montreal
Flashy lights and games welcome you to the inside of Casino de Montreal. If you enjoy slots, table games and an open bar; then this is the casino you’re going to want to play at. Made for entertainment, you can expect a lot to happen within the walls of this grand casino. Not everyone is equally confident if they’re playing for the first time, though. For those who want to get an initial feel of slots or roulette can find online casino providers such as where the different variations of games can help you to become a more skillful player. At Casino de Montreal, however, one of the best parts of this casino is that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which gives you somewhere to go and enjoy a little bit of fun. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome inside to try their luck at the excitement that awaits.

UntitledThe Wiggle Room
This is a place where you can watch some of the most fascinating burlesque shows out there. Enjoy all that comes with the service too, since they serve mixed drinks, beer and more. Want a nice snack? Enjoy the show and enjoy a little munchie of some sort.

The show that is put on changes with the day, but the cabaret dancers are wonderful at what they do. This is something that everyone has to do at least once in their lifetime.

Comedy Nest
Everyone enjoys a little laugh every now and again. Stop here and catch one of the comedians up on stage and have a lot of laughs. With a comedy club that was meant to entertain, they deliver on their promise. Bringing in some of the biggest and best in comedy entertainment, you can expect to see a lot of great shows no matter when you come in.

Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill
This is a bit different since it is all upstairs and it is set up in a casual, yet laid back and comfortable atmosphere. They serve delicious food and drinks, while also ensuring that you’re entertained through the use of live jazz and blues music. If you’re going on a date, then this is one of the best and most recommended places to bring them. It is different, but also fun.

If you’re visiting Montreal, then you want to make the most of your trip. Try a few of these, try one, try them all; you can be sure to have a little more fun while spending some time in a new place. Explore all of the options, as there is much, much more to do in the city than what it is listed here.

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