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PHOTOS: Dogs of Northern Quebec

A mass sterilization clinic for stray dogs was completed last week on the First Nations reserve of Manawan. Here are some of the dogs that got treated.

This might be Montreal’s worst winter ever

Record-breaking relentless cold is ruining our lives.

Weeding out the Tinder crazies

The girl who hated Asians. The girl who thought The Help was a great movie. They're getting fewer and further between.

Tinder is bigger than cocaine

The dating app is addictive and legal. It's kind of taking over my life, and everyone else's.

Tinder is the apocalypse of dating

Part of the magic of this app is the confidence it instils in people to tell you what they really want. And that can be terrifying.

We’ll meet again, Bill Murray of Tinder

As long as people get bored, there will be a need for this dumb adorable little app.

JSwipe is exactly like Tinder

Except it’s blue and white (like Israel!) and also the women are, you know, Jewish.

Bad date, or the worst date?

Curly wasn't just nasty and impossible to read — she ruined the ocean for me. All oceans.

Cinéma l’Amour’s sexy social scene

As the Plateau porn theatre celebrates its centennial, we checked in with the proprietor about the action that's drawing new clientele.

This is where Tinder gets a bit fucked

At first I wasted tons of time on bad matches. Then I started doing what this app makes so easy: ghosting. Like Keyser Söze.