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Artists and the anti-austerity movement

Commentary about the impact of Quebec's austerity plan and the province's history of activism in the creative community.

Why photojournalism is still a real job

The World Press Photo exhibit proves that pros are pros, and everyone else is an amateur.

The trouble with the youth vote

We spoke to the executive director of Apathy Is Boring about what blocks young people from voting, and how to turn it around.

The pros and cons of strategic voting

It's a popular practice in Quebec, but does it make sense in this election?

That anti-anglo metro rant video is bogus

The widely seen video has been presented as evidence of francophones' hatred of English-speakers. But it actually exposes a much more real, serious problem with our province.

“Notre Home”? How about mi casa?

Today, on the 65th anniversary of our province's flag, what does unity mean to Quebecers? Hopefully more than a trite rap song would suggest.

Quebec, Ink — Monkey porn

The headline-hogging Ikea monkey is definitely from Montreal, and, like us, he probably won't see the original version of Agent 728 XXX, our local porn industry's take on another name pulled from the headlines, police officer Stéfanie Trudeau.

Quebec, Ink — Trudeau misfires on gun debate

Liberal leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau has been catching heat for his views on packing heat — or at least registering it.

Quebec, Ink: SNC-Lavalin wins reporting award. Really!

Cue the chorus of I-told-you-sos: SNC-Lavalin wins an award for financial reporting on the eve of news reports that it disappeared $139 million (partly in relation to the superhospital). That, and other mind-bending tidbits of silliness in this week's Quebec, Ink.

Quebec, Ink. — Why do they treat us like morons?

Second verse, same as the first — the Office de la langue française is out with its metaphorical yardstick again. But this time, retailers are taking the provincial government to court over new signage rules in Quebec. Have they got a fighting chance?