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Politicians and social media faux-pas

The Liberal and Conservative parties have reacted in very different ways to vitriolic comments made by their candidates.

Criticize cops or politicians, get sued

New insurance proposals and bylaws would help/fund politicians and city officials sue citizens for "defamation" on social media.

Is the city up to its old tricks?

A proposed 30-storey tower downtown has been green-lighted despite a lack of proper consultation, one of several worrisome moves by the Coderre administration.

Political correctness vs. comedy: not a thing

Comics like Jerry Seinfeld are crying PC indignation when their material bombs. But maybe they're just not funny.

Does Quebec really need bike-helmet laws?

There are thousands of things we can do to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, but we don’t have laws forcing adult citizens to do most of them.

Nationalism and xenophobia in Quebec

When activist and former student movement leader GND stated the obvious on a local talk show last week, the fallout confirmed one thing: racists have feelings too.

Shh! Don’t call it austerity

Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitão insists that austerity isn't being implemented in this province. He's become a specialist in Couillard Newspeak.

Is Arthur Porter really dead?

Quebec judicial authorities are skeptical about the reported death of the former Montreal superhospital boss in Panama on July 1. With good reason.

La Fête nationale and nonsense politics

Should we depoliticize St. Jean Baptiste celebrations or imbue the holiday with mystic powers? Should we pay Costco and Walmart to add French words to their names?

The legacy of former Montreal mayor Jean Doré

Montreal was significantly reshaped for the better thanks to policies and plans enacted by the late Doré and his MCM party from '86 to '94. He deserves greater recognition.