Hammer of the Mods 137 results

The hottest, heaviest shows this week

Between festivals, Montreal venues are hopping with heaviosity. Check out Johnson's picks here.

Passovah till you puke

All about the festival that's jamming Mile End venues with hipster scum, PLUS more killer gigs for heaviosity-inclined.

The festival of total heaviosity has arrived

Metal warriors, check out this heavy music meet-up of epic proportions PLUS more sick shows in the week to come.

Your noise oasis on sleepy island

Post-Osheaga and Heavy Montreal, it's always quiet on the local scene. Here's where to get your punk/metal/rock fix.

Every day is heavy Montreal right here

Your weekly blast of the best metal, punk, noise and serious rock 'n' roll shows and parties in town. ALSO: two shit shows and a plug for the columnist's own DJ night.

There are other music festivals in town

The top gigs at Rrroooaaarrr and Punk-O-Rama + more quality heavy shows off the festival path.

The big bad gigs of the week

See it, hear it, believe it. These are the best heavy shows in Montreal over the next week.

Fucking Weird Al is playing a free show

All the real punks will be watching the king of pastiche on Tuesday PLUS more stellar heavy shows this week.

All aboard for Slut Island

The very best of the heavy shows happening in Montreal this week, including festival action, dead serious metal, searing noise and more punk rock than you can handle.

In praise of Failure

Never mind Nevermind. Failure's 1996 swan song Fantastic Planet is a far superior meeting point of punk, pop and pain.