The Shine 96 results

Let the rap battles begin

The four-year-old local branch of the End of the Weak battle brand hosts the world championships PLUS the best parties this week.

Heat breaking party making

Here's where you can stay woke this week on some good times, post-festival mania.

The Under Pressure festival is here

A comprehensive guide to the shows, parties and art events taking place as part of the 20th anniversary edition of the international graffiti festival.

Time to get messy

Party, afterparty, repeat. Event recommendations for festival lovers and haters, and a heads up about a very special hip hop event around the corner.

Action Bronson is awful

He's a misogynist, a weak rapper and a jerk. But does that mean Osheaga should drop him? PLUS more rap beef and the best events this week.

Your weekly party heat map

From the big bash on Île Notre-Dame to free hip hop shows & afterparties to mid-week debauchery, there is, to paraphrase Flava Flav, too-too-too much party ahead.

BadBadNotGood + Ghostface Killah @ Jazz Fest

An interview with the Toronto trio about their collab with the Wu-Tang Clan's most consistent monk (happening live in Montreal this weekend). PLUS more parties this week.

The top hip hop shows at the Jazz Fest

The Bell stage will be the site of a lot of quality rap in the weeks to come. See details about who's playing there, and about more Jazz Fest shows & a few off-fest parties.

In praise of Piknic Électronik

DJ Vilify gives props to our weekly summer dance party ahead of her set there this weekend, PLUS the essential Friday-night party you didn't know about (thank us later).

Tables are turning and mics are hot

Where to party in Montreal this weekend and beyond.