Made in MTL 30 results

Mile End stars in this obscure Netflix find

Just prior to Orange Is the New Black, Taylor Schilling shot a movie in Montreal with Aidan Quinn and Michael Ironside.

MTL metro action doesn’t save The Jackal

Despite climaxing dramatically between two Montreal metros and featuring a decent cast, this 1997 film suffers from glacial pacing, terrible accents and too many wigs.

Montreal plays Chicago in Wicker Park

Jessica Paré is one of three women circling poor Josh Hartnett in this 2004 remake of French thriller L’appartement, shot in Little Italy and NDG.

Montreal was the backdrop of this A-list stinker

Glimpses of our city are highlights of this overwrought issue drama starring Billy Bob Thornton, Holly Hunter, Kirsten Dunst and Morgan Freeman.

A weird ’80s church mystery set in Montreal

The Norman Jewison-directed Jane Fonda vehicle depicts a side of our city that's rarely seen in English films.

Montreal played itself in a classic horror movie

David Cronenberg shot three films here in the late '70s, but Montreal got the most screen time in Rabid.

That time a classic novel came here to die

Montreal was the stage for the 2012 adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic On the Road, a movie you may have already forgotten.

An ’80s family farce set in Quebec

Michael Hoffman's Some Girls is equal parts syrupy Spielbergian holiday fantasy and lowbrow horndog comedy. But the backstory (if it's true) is intriguing.

Yes, a West Island slasher film

William Shatner and a few other (better) actors star in 1982's Visiting Hours, another marvel from the Tax Shelter era of Canadian cinema.

Angelina Jolie’s least terrible MTL film

Our series exploring Montreal-shot movies delves into The Bone Collector, a 1999 thriller co-starring Jolie and Denzel Washington as NYC cops after a serial killer.